About Meganime

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Welcome to Meganime

The beginning...

How did we get the name? We took the Japanese word for glasses, megane, and combined it with anime. So, Meganime was created.

Meganime began with just me and my wife (yes, she is an otaku too), wanting to share our love of anime. We created a Facebook page, constantly posting clips and anime that were liked and shared with followers all over the world.

Facebook Drama

Our little page was growing exponentially, much to the dismay of another who owned a group on Facebook with the same name. Out of the blue our page was hit 100's of times with copyright claims, false flaggings, and trolls. That former follower wanted our page to go with her group she named Meganime, we refused to give it up. She unleashed her group on the page and it was obliterated. Overnight we lost hundreds of posts.

We had to make a choice. Continue putting up with the endless drama the former follower unleashed, quit all together, or create our own space. We agreed on the third choice and began looking for a host. After choosing our host we set about making Meganime.org.


It was a very time consuming process, neither of us being html literate. Slowly after many sleepless nights our website began to take shape. We wanted to be free of the restrictions that Facebook and other websites put on users so we opened up Meganime.org.

What are we trying to do?

We are creating a place for anime fans, new and old, where they can interact with other fans and and have fun. As Meganime grows, we will expand the features and eventually begin selling anime, and anime products. All the while, creating a fun and interactive place for anime fans with no fear of censorship, no politics and no drama.

We are constantly updating and upgrading the site (as funds and time allows), and always are on the lookout for editors, writers and ambitious fans. We consider our staff as part of the Meganime family.

So please, join us by becoming a member (it's free) and actively participate in our forums, enjoy watching a clip from one of our favorite anime, tune in to our Live Stream Events channel for themed episodes and movies or check out the latest seasonal lineup of upcoming anime.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Gab or Minds and thank you all for your continued support.

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